Defining Multi-Cloud

Multi-cloud: Definitions vary but integration is essential

Ask 10 people to define “multi-cloud” and you’ll get 10 different answers. Learn what’s top of mind when industry influencers think multi-cloud.

Covering your bets with a multi-cloud strategy

A multi-cloud strategy allows you to share workloads across multiple cloud providers and technologies in order to build best-fit solutions.

Feeling the pain

What’s in $tore for cloud prices

As you commit to shifting more and more of your IT assets to the cloud, how confident are you that the economics of today will persist?

Multi-cloud landmines: Don’t get bogged down on the path to multi-cloud

Take the time to learn from the mistakes and best practices of the early pioneers.

Keeping tabs on multi-cloud costs

Do you know what you’re actually getting for each cloud provider invoice you’re authorizing?

The dangers lurking inside your network

You probably spend a lot of time defending against external security threats…but what about internal threats?

Sharing Best Practices

Making multi-cloud work for you

You’ve probably already caught the multi-cloud bug, by choice or necessity.

Whom can you depend on?

When Cisco last December revealed a major shift in its cloud strategy, the headlines were brutal.

Managing Multi-Cloud

Don’t let cloud spending go to waste

The business trend to multi-cloud environments is firmly entrenched. However, managing the complexity of multiple cloud services from diverse providers […]

Is there a data center in your future?

There may be a data center in your future, but odds are it’s not going to be in your basement. […]