Defining Multi-Cloud

Multi-cloud: Definitions vary but integration is essential

Ask 10 people to define “multi-cloud” and you’ll get 10 different answers. Learn what’s top of mind when industry influencers think multi-cloud.

Covering your bets with a multi-cloud strategy

A multi-cloud strategy allows you to share workloads across multiple cloud providers and technologies in order to build best-fit solutions.

Feeling the pain

Knowing what lurks in Shadow IT

It’s easy for Shadow IT to pop up and proliferate. Cloud services are simple to provision—too simple, in the minds of some. Yet, such services spread because business units and individual contributors find they can get something done more quickly than IT is able to.

Finding A Trusted Partner During Your Cloud Journey

Despite industry promises that workloads will be easily portable between clouds, few IT decision makers know how that will work, […]

Don’t get hung up in cloud sprawl

Without appropriate measures, businesses could find that cloud scalability and ease of provisioning further exacerbate IT sprawl.

Are you prepared to navigate IT transformation?

To be successful, IT must quickly and radically transform the way it delivers services. Failure could result in tremendous business setbacks, and professional oblivion.

Sharing Best Practices

Multi-tenant public cloud: The pros and cons of staying single

Considering how many cloud choices are available, it may seem like the public option is the simplest one to pick. […]

Is multitenant your best option?

When it comes to public cloud, every business should assess its unique needs with all computing options in mind—single tenant, pure cloud, and hybrid.

Managing Multi-Cloud

Keeping multi-cloud environments in harmony

The cloud represents a mass of moving parts. Multiple vendors, resources and assets may be intertwined to deliver a crucial […]

Digital transformation guide: Why cloud is driving change

Organizations are transforming before our eyes. But all the buzz about transformation can get confusing. One thing is for certain: […]