Defining Multi-Cloud

Multi-cloud: Definitions vary but integration is essential

Ask 10 people to define “multi-cloud” and you’ll get 10 different answers. Learn what’s top of mind when industry influencers think multi-cloud.

Covering your bets with a multi-cloud strategy

A multi-cloud strategy allows you to share workloads across multiple cloud providers and technologies in order to build best-fit solutions.

Feeling the pain

Are you prepared to navigate IT transformation?

To be successful, IT must quickly and radically transform the way it delivers services. Failure could result in tremendous business setbacks, and professional oblivion.

DevOps can ease multi-cloud challenges

Automated DevOps tools: Perfect for multi-cloud environments.

The ‘gotchas’ of multi-cloud management

We asked cloud industry leaders to reveal the most common, yet unforeseen multi-cloud management challenges.

Are you the disrupter or the disrupted?

Digital transformation is not for the faint of heart, and if you want to get in the game you must embrace change wholeheartedly.

Sharing Best Practices

Is multitenant your best option?

When it comes to public cloud, every business should assess its unique needs with all computing options in mind—single tenant, pure cloud, and hybrid.

Planning, due diligence lead to solid cloud choices

We asked a dozen cloud practitioners and experts what advice they have for their peers navigating the multi-cloud world we live in.

Managing Multi-Cloud

Are data centers still relevant to the CEO?

When it comes to building new data centers versus hosting new IT assets in the cloud, most IT and business leaders are going to look long and hard at the latter option before investing in the infrastructure needed for a new data center.

Cybersecurity: Beyond the scope of mortals

Cybersecurity has long been described as an arms war. When the good guys learn how to counter an attack, the bad guys up the ante with new techniques.