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Managing sensitive health data in the public cloud

Realizing that a whopping 32% of all prescriptions called into pharmacies were never picked up, two healthcare IT veterans founded a business to help close the gap. Their company, ScriptDrop directly contracts with pharmaceutical companies to deliver medications right to the patient's home, at no cost to the patient or to the pharmacy.

Business transformation and cloud are inseparable

“This complex process is much more than moving apps to the cloud or getting out of the data center. It’s […]

How do you justify your transformation budget?

Business executives may be gung-ho to expand cloud deployments, but eventually somebody is going to stop and ask: “How are we measuring success?”

Ensuring Security for Cloud Applications

Ceding control to outsiders is unnerving, particularly when it involves enterprise applications. But with the right tools and processes, your applications can be as secure—if not more so—in the public cloud.

What’s your multi-cloud management plan?

Whether by design or happenstance, most businesses are engaged in multi-cloud environments. In many ways, it’s simpler to choose different clouds for different workloads than to manage an overarching hybrid architecture.

Cloud keeps its promises, but has it made life simpler for IT?

Many companies are approaching — or have passed — the 10-year milestone of cloud adoption. It’s definitely made life better for the business, but the question is, has it made life simpler for IT?

Hosted infrastructure powers six flags consumer experience

When customers of the Six Flags theme parks climb aboard a thrilling rollercoaster, it’s the culmination of an entertainment experience that most likely started with a visit to the Six Flags website.

What’s your cloud tipping point?

It doesn’t really matter where you find yourself on the cloud journey. What matters is maximizing the benefits and minimizing the pain of cloud — and on a timetable that avoids ceding ground to competitors, or disappointing customers.

Case study: Feeding America

“I could run what I need today, knowing that I can rapidly scale up or scale down to fit our […]

Managed Cloud Services Take a PaaS

Managing a PaaS can add more overhead and complexity, which most organizations would prefer to avoid.