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Managing “multi-cloud” environments

We asked industry influencers their thoughts on the secret to managing a multi-cloud environment.

Multi-cloud: Definitions vary but integration is essential

Ask 10 people to define “multi-cloud” and you’ll get 10 different answers. Learn what’s top of mind when industry influencers think multi-cloud.

Bringing multi-cloud out of the shadows

OK, so you’ve made the commitment to a multi-cloud strategy. What’s your next step?

Multi-cloud landmines: Don’t get bogged down on the path to multi-cloud

Take the time to learn from the mistakes and best practices of the early pioneers.

Covering your bets with a multi-cloud strategy

A multi-cloud strategy allows you to share workloads across multiple cloud providers and technologies in order to build best-fit solutions.

What is multi-cloud? It’s time to get precise about cloud definitions

How does multi-cloud differ from hybrid cloud? It’s time the industry put a stake in the ground and clarified cloud rather than add to the confusion.

Keeping tabs on multi-cloud costs

Do you know what you’re actually getting for each cloud provider invoice you’re authorizing?

Pay it forward: How sharing experiences can drive innovation

Learn why it’s important to share your experiences with your peers as you tread the multi-cloud pathway.

Time keeps ticking, ticking, ticking

How fast can you transition to the cloud? And are expectations of on-demand provisioning realistic or even desirable?

The dangers lurking inside your network

You probably spend a lot of time defending against external security threats...but what about internal threats?