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Experts in action

Gain access to experts versed in the world’s leading clouds and technologies to help handle the critical aspects of infrastructure management.

Navigating the multi-cloud maze

But what does “multi-cloud” really mean? Read on for the answers to your top multi-cloud questions.

How do you manage your multiple clouds?

Managing multi-clouds can be complex. That’s where we come in.

The multi-cloud journey: We are your experts

Rackspace delivers world-class services, tools and expertise at scale with your choice of the leading public, private and hybrid cloud technologies.

Multi-cloud tips for a CTO

Build your transformation strategy: When moving to the cloud or learning how to optimize it, a partnership approach is necessary.

12 critical success factors to outsourcing IT to managed hosting or the cloud

Outsourcing is here to stay -- especially the kind that means moving an application or workload from your data center to a third-party managed service or cloud service.

Rethinking people costs in enterprise IT

This eBook provides IT managers and financial managers a way to assess their IT people spend.